All Around Health

"You find when you pursue a life of greater health and happiness, you then treat the body you have with dignity, respect, and absolute care." – Dale Roberts There are three areas of health that we often mention and are important: mental, physical, and spiritual. Those three areas of health go hand in hand, they... Continue Reading →

Counselor, Doctor, Pastor

This was not a blog I had planned to post, but as I was praying this morning it came to me. If you’re not a Christian I still recommend you read this post, but I also understand if you’d rather not. Either way you are loved and appreciated. So often we can forget who God... Continue Reading →

Times of Rest

As the holiday season is here there is so much going on. It can be hard to truly rest in the Lord. Even if you're not a Christian, it can still be hard to take a rest. Here is a blog I wrote over a year ago, but I think it's a good reminder to... Continue Reading →

No More Distorted Thinking

Distorted thinking involves inaccurate thoughts which our minds convince us are true. There different ways these thoughts will pass through the mind, I’ll list a few to give you an idea. First is filtering, this is magnifying the negatives and filtering the positives. “I only got a raise, I can’t believe she got the promotion!”... Continue Reading →

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