Two Stories

I am going to share two stories that only few know and it takes vulnerability to do this. Summer 2014 I had been severely depressed and suicidal for years and I decided I wanted it to end. My family went out to my birthday dinner, but I decided not to go. I sat at my... Continue Reading →

I am not okay

I am hesitant in writing and sharing all this, but I also know that silence does not work… hence “Breaking Silence”. You read the title right, I am not okay. So many changes have and are occurring in my life right now. My college closed down, I have to try and complete my degree somewhere... Continue Reading →

Return of 13 Reasons Why

With 13 Reasons Why returning for its second season today I wanted to write a post for you guys. The following is a post I had made on a personal blog. “13 Reasons Why this show needs to exist First, I would like to begin with the fact that I myself have dealt with anxiety,... Continue Reading →

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