Three Lessons From My Husband

My life has always been hectic, with continuous changes. I have consistently been fighting depression and anxiety for the last 12 years. Sometimes I would feel steady and other times I would have deeper pits of depression. Here is a diagram to show what I mean: If you would like more information on mood disorders... Continue Reading →

Two Stories

I am going to share two stories that only few know and it takes vulnerability to do this. Summer 2014 I had been severely depressed and suicidal for years and I decided I wanted it to end. My family went out to my birthday dinner, but I decided not to go. I sat at my... Continue Reading →


“No one told me that when I wear a mask, only my mask receives love.” – John Lynch, The Cure Happy Halloween, silence breakers. Today is a day of dressing up, having fun, eating candy, and partying. But I want to talk about how we experience Halloween everyday (and we might not even realize it).... Continue Reading →

Our Story

The Story and Inspiration for Breaking Silence Breaking Silence began as a club at Grace University started by Kelly Alonzo, but our story did not end there. Kelly started becoming more active online with the club, eventually leading to where we are today. We have team members in multiple areas; Texas, California, West Virginia, and... Continue Reading →

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