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We are so glad you made it to our page!

Our mission is to encourage healthiness; mentally, physically, and spiritually. We are Breaking Silence on the importance of maintaining a healthy life.We encourage honesty, leading to hope and healing.

Feel free to connect with us. We would love to talk, answer questions, and help you in the best way we can. We are not professionals, but we offer some services to those interested:

  • We will encourage you to seek a healthy life.
  • We will listen to you and talk about whatever you’d like.
  • If need be, we will help you find mental health professionals, gyms, or churches in your area.


  • Kelly: @smilexokelly on all social media
  • Kristen: @simplykristen4 on twitter
  • Klaar: @klaaarrr on twitter
  • Nick: @nickalonzo20 on instagram

You can also email us: breakingsilencx@gmail.com

P.S. – if you’re interested in joining our team, send a message to the email above and we will get you an application.


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